The Best Teeth Whitening Solution

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Teeth Whitening

Having stained teeth can be a problem since it can have an effect on the quality of your smile. In addition it is not very nice to see. If you are concerned about your stained teeth, the dentists at Westlake Dental Center can assist you.

Can You Stop Your Teeth from Staining?

You can lessen it by brushing and flossing regularly, in addition to going to your dentist’s office at least two times a year to obtain professional teeth cleaning.

However, these things frequently are not enough. The food and drinks you consume everyday will slowly stain your teeth. This is particularly true if you imbibe coffee, tea, soda, or red wine. It becomes even worse when you smoke. That is another reason you should quit smoking. Sometimes, when you have cavities, germs can go into your teeth which can turn it black from the inside.

The Best Teeth Whitening Solution

The best solution for your stained teeth, bar none, is by obtaining a professional teeth whitening service. We provide in our clinics two alternatives.

The first alternative is in-office tooth whitening. The procedure does not take long. It can be done during your lunch break. It is painless and safe. The benefit of this alternative is that you will right away get whiter teeth.

This works best when you have an important event to attend in a day or two. For instance, it can be a job interview, a first date, a wedding, or a high school reunion. You can make an impression on the people in the event with your brilliant smile and white teeth.

The other alternative is a technique you can do at home. We have tailored whitening trays that will whiten your teeth slowly. We will give instructions on how to utilize the device appropriately and safely. The whitening effect is slow. Thus, this alternative works best when you do not wish people to see that you unexpectedly have whiter teeth. They will not see the slow improvement, until the actual end when they recognize just how much better you look with that radiant smile.